High School Lunch

We are excited to announce that last week the Governor signed a bill renewing funding to allow us to serve school breakfast and lunch to all students at no charge for the rest of the school year.  Starting March 1st, 2023, school meals will again be free for all students.  Each student may receive one school breakfast and one school lunch each school day at no cost.  

Students may purchase an additional meal if they have money on their account.  The prices for additional meals are listed below.

School Breakfast = $3.00 at all schools.
Memorial Lunch = $4.50
Center Lunch = $4.50
Middle School Lunch = $5.00
High School Lunch = $5.00

Students who are not getting a complete breakfast or lunch may purchase a milk separately for $0.50.  Students who wish to have an extra milk with their purchased lunch will also be charged $0.50.  Snacks are available for purchase at the Middle and High School for $1 per snack item.  Snacks and milk can only be purchased if the student has money on their account.

Even though meals will be free for all students for the rest of the school year, it is important to submit an application for free or reduced-price meals if you feel you may qualify.  The state uses these applications to determine much of the funding school districts receive.  The application can be found at EHPS Nutritional Services Page.

Please email any questions to Jen Bove at jbove@easthamptonct.org.