DIstrict Spotlights!

Teacher of the Year Kristin Dean

"We spend time with students - before, during, and after school to widen their world and bring them into our interconnected community. We do this for each other too - we connect, we dig deep, and we support one another. "

- Kristin Dean, Teacher of the Year

 Rookie of the Year Erin Basile

"... we have the distinct privilege of being the people our students and their families trust every day. ...This year you could become someone’s favorite teacher, ... the trusted adult they need, the person who completely changes how they view school."

- Erin Basile, Rookie of the Year

Leslie Wicander Para-Educator of the Year

"... [it is] rewarding to watch the growth and development of these young learners. Starting with learning and recognizing their written names for the first time, to using the letters and numbers we teach them ...their progress is one of the most rewarding parts of my job."

- LeslieWicander, Para-Professional of the Year

Jennifer Kessler - Interventionist of the Year

Jennifer Kessler, Interventionist of the Year