DIstrict Spotlights!

Teacher of the Year Carl Pastor

"We teach students to learn what is not said, we teach students to see what cannot be seen and we teach students to know the unknowable. "

- Carl Pastor, Teacher of the Year

 Rookie of the Year Emma Gould

"... we always come back to that place of remembering that we make a difference and have an impact on our students. Sometimes you don’t always directly see or hear the positive impact you’re having; but trust me, it’s there and it’s really the most rewarding thing ever."

- Emma Gould, Rookie of the Year

Beth Vickery Para-Educator of the Year

"... forming positive relationships, making connections & showing compassion have always been first & foremost for me. ... these bonds are the foundation to a successful & strong learning environment. When there is trust, there’s growth, which opens the door to educational success."

- Beth Vickery, Para-Professional of the Year