Current Bus Routes available via link to Dattco website, including Vinal/Voag

Please click on the image or link, and select East Hampton when you reach the Dattco website.


Q: Who do I call if I have a question or concern about school transportation?

A: Bus service is provided by East Hampton Public Schools through an outside bus contractor DATTCO. Questions and concerns should first be communicated via these web forms, your school office, the district central office (860-365-4000), or the DATTCO operations terminal (860-365-5685).

True emergencies should be reported as appropriate, accidents involving a bus – 911

Please contact your school directly regarding any problems with transportation. Issues will be addressed as soon as possible with the focus remaining on our youngest and most vulnerable students.

All questions, concerns, and requests for bus stop changes should be reported through the schools. Bus drivers are not permitted to stop at any location other than authorized bus stops and are not authorized to change bus stops. Your cooperation to assist in limiting the number of bus stops is sought, as more stops because students to remain on the bus for longer periods of time, delay arrivals to school and home, and create a greater potential for accidents to occur.

Q: Where should children stand at the bus stop? When should they be there?

A: Students are instructed to be at the school bus stop five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. Any student who lives across the road from a bus stop should NOT cross the road; the student should be standing on the side of the road nearest to the student’s home. The school bus stop includes both sides of any two-lane road.

The school bus is equipped with special equipment and lights to control traffic so that students can safely cross the road. Before crossing the road, students are always to watch the school bus driver and wait for the driver to verify that traffic following and meeting the bus has stopped. Once the driver has verified that the traffic has stopped and it is safe to cross the road, the driver will signal the students to cross. Students should check for traffic before crossing the road and watch the school bus driver as they cross in case the traffic environment suddenly changes. Students must never cross behind a school bus. When students cross in front of a bus, they must make sure that the bus driver sees them. The bus driver must acknowledge the student’s crossing. When parents are at a school bus stop to supervise children, they should follow the same road crossing rules as required of the children. Parents need to set a good example. When at the school bus stop, students should not stand next to the roadway. Students should stand away from the road until the school bus has come to a complete stop, the bus has activated the traffic control devices, and the driver has motioned the students to board the bus.