New appointed school administrators

At this week's Board of Education meeting the Board appointed our current Interim Administrators to the full fledged administrator positions as of July 1, 2022.

These strong and effective leaders have led their respective buildings through the challenges of the pandemic and will continue to lead our schools as we pursue the best for the children of East Hampton.

As a school district, we are proud to note that our leadership team has emerged directly from the ranks of our teachers, speaking to the quality of our staff members and their commitment to take the time to enroll in leadership programs and then take the opportunities we offer throughout the district to engage in leadership roles preparing them for the important roles of building principal and assistant principal.

Pictured left to right are Joey Bauer-Principal, Memorial School; Andrea Montovani-Assistant Principal, Memorial School; Christina Amaral-Principal, Middle School; Emily Asklar-Assistant Principal, Middle School; and Jackie Russell-Assistant Principal, High School.