School bus windshield with text

Important News:

East Hampton Bus Routes change on Monday, December 6

Please review information carefully to confirm changes for your children.   

In order to accommodate the number of drivers to whom we have access, we are adjusting our bus routes in the fairest way possible to ensure the best possible service to our families.

 There are two changes that will impact all families:

  1.  Bus #3 and Bus #7 have been eliminated.  
    All students on these routes have been assigned to other buses.
  2. The pickup/drop off times have been adjusted for all routes.  
    There are many time changes to stops given the new bus assignments. Please make sure that you take the time to review the information.

Click on the links provided below to access a spreadsheet of bus routes per school.
Each spreadsheet includes two tabs:

  1.  Tab 1  –  School alphabetical list by streets.
  2.  Tab 2  – School by route in order of Bus numbers.  

Please review the routes for your address via the links below in order to determine any change to your child’s route and/or the pickup/drop off time.

Elementary Routes 

Middle School Routes 

High School Routes 

The PDF versions of these spreadsheets can also be found on the EHPS website in the document section: Bus Routes Folder