District Awards Celebrated

At this week's Board of Education meeting  the accomplishments of some of our most dedicated staff were celebrated.  Congratulations go out to Dr. Kristie Fresco-Hawes, School Psychologist at Memorial & Center School for being named East Hampton Public Schools' 2020-21 Teacher of the Year. (see top photo, Kristie is pictured left to right
with Superintendent Paul Smith,Assistant  Principal  Brandy Gadoury, Principal Andy Gonzalez and BOE Chairperson Chris Goff.)

Also recognized were Erica Artikes, Grade 5 Teacher at Center School as the district Rookie of the Year.  Also from Center School is Para-educator of the Year Melody Philhower.

We are so proud to have such talented, and dedicated educational leaders advocating for our students in our school district.  Congratulations to all!

Rookie of the Year

Erica Artikes - Rookie of the Year Teacher pictured left to right
with Superintendent Paul Smith, Principal Chris Sullivan, and BOE Chairperson Chris Goff.

Para-Educator of the Year

Melody Philhower - Para-Educator of the Year  pictured left to right
with Superintendent Paul Smith, Director of Curriculum Mary Clark,  Principal Chris Sullivan,   and BOE Chairperson Chris Goff.