Kristin Dean

High School Business Teacher

2023-24 Teacher of the Year

Kristin oversees the Business Education Department at East Hampton High School.  The courses she teaches may be electives, but they are very popular among our students and they are always full. Kristin has conscientiously designed her courses to offer students authentic learning experiences. As part of each course, she mentors her students to be young professionals giving them the confidence to develop skills that will take them far in the world of business and work in general. She is a quiet teacher, who often does not call attention to herself; however, her students often describe her as one of the most impactful teachers of their school career and mention her influence when they go off and major in Business in college.  Even those students who do not major in Business in college find her courses to be very valuable due to the content and challenge of such courses as Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Personal Finance, and Investing in Your Future. 

 Kristin has elevated the status of the High School’s DECA club, creating opportunities to develop young professionals and entrepreneurs who meet and compete with other high schools in Connecticut and the United States.  The club entered the state competition this year for the first time and had tremendous success, with teams placing and qualifying for national competition.  After the event, students mentioned that it was one of the most significant experiences of their high school careers.  Those students who were not seniors in high school this year are already looking forward to this year’s preparation for and participation in the event. 

 Kristin is one of the most influential teachers in the high school.  She is committed to our children and their development as future business leaders who are positive and prepared adults.  All students, majoring in Business or note, benefit from her mentorship and compassion.  Those students who do major in Business are accepted to the best New England colleges and always look back gratefully on the skills taught to them by Kristin.

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