Carl Pastor

Middle School Art

2022-23 Teacher of the Year

Carl Pastor is truly an asset to the East Hampton Panther community.  As the Specials Team Leader, he is committed to collaborating with all interdisciplinary teams with a student-centered lens.  He strives to make his classroom accessible for all students and will use a variety of teaching practices and strategies to engage each and every learner.  Students are encouraged to take risks and Carl builds off their interests in order to engage them in their artwork.  The pieces presented by students are always impressive.  Carl is always willing to use his creativity to improve student experiences.  His classes have designed the logo for the Pantherfest t-shirts, created a one-of-a-kind backdrop for the 8th Grade Formal, and participated in various homeroom competitions.  

Carl allows students to work at their own pace.  Everyone is an artist in Carl’s classroom.  The positive, calm support he gives students is amazing.  He engages students in art firmly believing that every student is creative.  In well-planned lessons, he uses universal design principles and multi-sensory techniques in his classroom.  He differentiates for special needs students and ALL students are thrilled when it is time for art.  What Carl is able to do with typical and non-typical students is impressive.  Carl always wants the best from his students, whatever that may be.  

Carl understands the importance of team building and fostering positive relationships with colleagues.  He developed a team building competition for staff and led a painting session during the Mental Wellness Day for our teachers.  Although Carl can come across as quiet and reserved, his impact is resounding and reverberates throughout East Hampton Middle School.