Heather Vigue

2021-22 Teacher of the Year

Heather Vigue encourages children to reach for the stars and challenge themselves.  In their daily work the class is encouraged to try new things, including public speaking and acting by taking part in reading plays or practicing leadership skills in their weekly helper roles.   The love for students and connections Heather makes with her students create an incredible and unique bond with each one.  They feel like they are an extension of her family.  It is this bond and encouragement to try new things that challenge the students to keep striving to achieve more.  

A parent recently described Heather as “the teacher that everyone wants to have in their life, or more importantly, in the life of their child.”  Her love of teaching is evident in her enthusiasm in the classroom and in communications with parents.  Her constant communication with families via newsletters and photos and messages, reassures us that our children are not only safe, but happy, learning and loved by her. 

Going above and beyond is what she does.  Her love for students is reciprocated by each one of them and by their families.  Especially during this past year, Heather has ensured that all of her students are thriving, feel confident, and are secure in this time of great uncertainty.  She not only embodies “My Favorite Teacher,” but also “Teacher of the Year.”