Rookie Teacher of the Year – Emma Gould

Rookie of the Year

Emma Gould
Center School Music

Rookie Teacher of the Year

 Ms. Emma Gould is an enthusiastic, energetic, and fun-loving educator who manages everything in stride. Given the opportunity to face a challenge, Emma will rise and surpass all expectations. Ms. Gould believes that all kids are musicians. This sentiment is exuded daily as students eagerly await the start of a class filled with appreciation for the arts, interactive activities, and of course, student creation and performance. Beyond Ms. Gould's own belief that all kids are musicians, her mission is to have students believe in their hearts that they too are musicians. This is done through thoughtful and purposeful planning set to engage every single learner in her classroom. From grounding students through a mindful moment to reflecting on an essential question in listening journals after sampling the Beatles. A quick transition has students smashing together boom whackers to an upbeat song to improve rhythm and timing, to finally working on song composition to play on the ukuleles, all in a day's work! The orchestration of her class is a sight to see. Students are always thinking, creating, and persevering through complex tasks. Her students are willing to take risks and challenge themselves because they know that Ms. Gould is genuinely invested in their development and success.     

An exemplary music teacher is only one-half of the equation that makes Ms. Gould the East Hampton Rookie of the Year. The other half is her dedication and leadership of the Center School Band Program. In one nomination, a colleague wrote, “The organization of all band lessons for fourth and fifth-grade students, including organizing a concert, has to be the most challenging part of her job, but you wouldn’t know it! I have the joy of listening to band lessons on a daily basis, as my classroom is directly above hers. The sounds and music over the course of the year and the way it comes together are absolutely amazing.” Another colleague notes, “Not only did Emma perform well, she rose to the top with grace and her own wonderful style.  I am in awe of her.” 

Ms. Gould continues to develop a love of the arts in our school and in the community. We are all very fortunate to have her lead this remarkable work.