Erin Basile
Memorial School

Rookie Teacher of the Year

Erin Basile, Grade 2 Teacher at Memorial School, is the East Hampton Rookie Teacher for 2023.  Though she is a newer teacher in our school district, Erin is no rookie to teaching.  Erin was nominated by numerous parents and staff members who indicated that “she has left and undeniable and unforgettable memorable mark on each of her students.”   

 One parent wrote that Erin played an integral role in the success of her daughter this past year, standing out as a caring individual.  This parent felt lucky that her child had been part of a classroom with such an outstanding teacher.  Another parent credits Erin’s attention to detail for the success of her daughter.  This parent also recognized Erin’s communication and the warm learning space for all students.  A third parent wrote that their child excelled in 2nd grade due to Erin’s commitment to students and families.  A fourth parent, whose child has been anxious about school, credits a year of success as a result of Erin’s ability to create a trusting bond.  The child missed no days of school as a result of anxiety and found Erin to be just as supportive of parents as she is for children.  Other parents wrote that she makes sure that all students are successful and credit her with making a huge impact on each and every one of her students.

 Parents and staff agree that Erin has created a nurturing environment where every child feels valued and supported.  Her passion for teaching shines through in everything she does.  Her own sense of calmness, empathy, and compassion leads to a focus on kindness and caring for each other in her classroom.  With skills that almost appear effortless, parents feel like they are partners in her classroom and attribute her achievement with the fact that she ensures that all students with a variety of needs are successful in her inclusive classroom. 

 Erin approaches every day with an effectiveness in the classroom that has its foundation in professional dedication, innovative teaching methods, and a passion for children.

Congratulations Erin!