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Photo of Karen Asetta

Karen Asetta
School Business Manager
(860) 365-4000

East Hampton’s School Business Department supports our students and staff in achieving academic and personal success in key functional areas, including directly overseeing cafeteria and bus service operations.  We manage budgeting, spending (including procurement and bidding as needed) , and internal and external reporting of:

  • Local school operational dollars

  • Grant funding

  • External billing for services delivered to or shared with other communities

  • Nutrition and cafeteria programs

  • Transportation

We administer all aspects of our compensation and benefits, dependably assuring our employees processing accuracy and responsiveness to their questions and concerns.  We represent management in collective bargaining decision-making and evaluation of benefit options.  All related external reporting to numerous agencies: IRS, Social Security Administration, CT Teacher Retirement, CT Departments of Labor and Revenue Services, OSHA, and the state and federal Departments of Education are managed here.  Processing through systems for paychecks, leave monitoring, sub finding, and benefits are operated by members of this department.

Employees can see up-to-date benefit information on the shared google drive under “District Resources” then “Human Resources.”

Key department members are:

  • Jen Bove, Director of Nutrition Services

  • Lorraine Sorvillo, Fiscal Associate for Payroll and Benefits (first contact for: medical, pension, leave balances)

  • Elaine Pellegrino, Fiscal Associate for Accounts Payable and Benefits (first contact for: workers compensation and FMLA)

  • Linda Miner, Coordinator of Transportation and Facilities coordinator

Administrator: Karen Asetta, School Business Manager, CPA, MBA, CT School Business Official

Karen Asetta - Business Manager East Hampton Public Schools