2023 Interventionist of the Year

Jennifer Kessler Interventionist of the Year

Jennifer Kessler

Middle School Interventionst

Interventionist of the Year

Jennifer always thinks of her children’s needs first even if it means eating her lunch with a student or finding appropriate manipulatives during her break.  Many of her students are non-verbal and she goes out of her way to make sure that each child is understood, treated with compassion, and has his or her unique needs met.  She is always on the lookout for new ideas to help students learn. 

She is described by others as an “unbelievably sincere and kind person who puts others before herself and can be relied on at any point in the day.” She is the first one to work with our most challenged students with no questions or complaints and is always looking to learn more skills and grow as an interventionist.  

 A parent credits Jen directly for her son’s love of school.  The parent wrote that after struggling at school the previous year, the child has come to love school again.  The parent also wrote that the excitement of seeing her child together with Ms. Jen regularly melts her heart.

Jen is a team player; she is there for her students and her peers.  She is exceptional in a role that is among the most challenging.  She has set a very high bar as the inaugural recipient of the Interventionist of the Year.