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The English Department seeks to develop student ability to read, think, write, and speak clearly and effectively in a variety of modes and situations while understanding, appreciating, and embracing literature from diverse cultures. As they study literature, students will develop an understanding and interpretation of the text and be able to show evidence of critical insight. Student writing expectations at all levels and grades include demonstrating an understanding of voice, purpose, organization, content, and grammar. The expectation for student speech is met when the student demonstrates the ability to organize ideas, has a command of content, and incorporates effective presentation skills. The English curriculum consists of a four-year sequence. Course work focuses on the skills of the Common Core State Standards. The English department offers both AP Language and AP Literature as well as UCONN English for upperclassmen. The English department also offers a wide variety of choices and electives, including Journalism, Shakespeare, Media Literacy, Sports Literature, and Creative Writing.