2017-2018 Rookie Of The Year Award Recipient Meghan Ryczek

2017 Rookie of the Year Meghan Ryczek with Administrators

2017 Rookie of the Year Meghan Ryczek with Superintendent of Schools Paul Smith and
2016 Rookie of the year Samantha LaBonte (left) as well as Memorial School Principal
Andy Gonzalez and Assistant Principal Brandy Gadoury (right) 

2017 Rookie of the Year Meghan Ryczek with Principals

2017 Rookie of the Year Meghan Ryczek with 
Memorial School Principal Andy Gonzalez and Assistant Principal Brandy Gadoury (right)

The 2017 Rookie Teacher of the Year is Meghan Ryczek,
Kindergarten Teacher at Memorial School.

This recognition, now in its second year, is meant to honor any employee of the school district who has been employed three years or less, but in that short time had distinguished themselves as an excellent teacher or staff member. This year, there were many notable nominations and we are proud to recognize Meg this year.

Parents wrote such things as:

  • Ms. Ryczek seems to have an immeasurable amount of energy.
  • Her positive and joyful attitude is infectious.
  • Kids feel safe, comfortable, and confident in her classroom.
  • She passes a zest for learning on to her students.
  • We as parents value Meg’s enthusiasm, her commitment to children, and her willingness to make adjustments and modifications to meet the needs of individual students.

Mary Clark, Director of Curriculum and Kindergarten parent added, “Every parent approaches their child’s first day of kindergarten with a mix of excitement and apprehension. The day is filled with so many hopes for your child’s success…and many hopes that the teacher you are entrusting them to will take that responsibility on with a love and passion that only a parent can know. What a wonderful experience it is to have a teacher that does just that each and every day of the school year! Mrs. Ryczek is a passionate and dedicated teacher who embraces each learner as an individual and grows the skills that they need. She makes each of her students feel special and loved. Meg’s talents and skills as a teacher seem beyond her years of experience. She is a natural at connecting with her kindergarten students and instilling in them a sense of wonder and joy as a learner. Most of all, she creates a loving and supportive community where her learners know that in a world where they can choose to be anything - they should choose kind.

Meg has so many traits that I could celebrate from her warmth to her humor to her amazing skills as a teacher of reading, writing and math. Her technical skill in the classroom is impressive - especially for a younger teacher. I could celebrate her creativity and the clever ways that she engages her students in new learning by cultivating creativity and belief that they are capable of all that they approach. I could celebrate that she fosters a sense of persistence in her students - so critical to the Kindergarten level learner - that if they keep trying they will get there…their own way. However, I’m most impressed by Meg’s commitment to her students through her parent communication. Each and every single day Meg emails her families to share the experiences of the day. What a gift to a kindergarten parent!”

The East Hampton Public School District is proud of its newest teachers and staff members and acknowledge the tremendous energy, ideas, and passion brought to the district. No one represents that more than Meghan Ryczek. She is an incredible asset to the East Hampton Public Schools and worthy of this distinguished honor.

-remarks by Superintendent of Schools Paul K. Smith