Photo: Megan Kitchin, Nurse
Meaghan Kitchin

Welcome back to another year at Memorial School! Here is a quick review of some policy and procedure in the Health Office to help ease any confusion in the new school year.


If a student is seen by the nurse or nursing assistant, they will receive a “Nurse’s Pass” with a brief review of their visit. Parents/Guardians will receive a phone call in the following circumstances:

  • The student needs to be picked up from school
  • Follow-up at home is required or recommended (ie doctor visit, continued observation at home, etc)
  • Any injury resulting in a mark to the face or that which may cause parent concern at first sight
  • Further communication is needed regarding student Health Office visit

Please note that the above criteria are made with Registered Nurse assessment, observation, and judgement. If a parent would like calls for any nurse visit or in specific situations, they must specifically communicate that to the Health Office.

We are Pro-Communication. If you have any concern please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us. We want the best for your children and we want you to feel secure in their health and safety at school.


Every medication that is brought into school requires a “Medication Authorization” form to be signed by the student’s doctor and parent/guardian. No child may carry their own medications at the Elementary level.

Please note: COUGH DROPS count as medications and are not allowed in school unless the appropriate documentation is completed.  For the complete policy, please see the link to the left.