Dear Families,

The upcoming summer vacation is a fun time for all of us to enjoy the outdoors, play, travel, and spend time with family and friends. During the school year, we work hard to inspire a true love of reading and encourage you to find ways to read every day.

We are excited to partner with you to encourage students’ continued reading. This summer, your child will continue to have access to myON, the digital literacy tool that offers every student a personalized collection of more than 5,700 digital books. Simply go to https://myON.com and have your child login using their current school password.

Students are also encouraged to use the recommended reading list that was shared electronically with families and the attached brochure detailing the school challenge to keep everyone reading during June, July and August! We also encourage you to participate in the East Hampton Public Library’s reading challenge. Reading recorded for Memorial’s challenge can also be used for the public library’s challenge.

In addition, we hope that you will join Memorial’s teachers at the public library this summer as they stop in to share some of their favorite read alouds. More information and the schedule will be communicated electronically throughout the summer. If you can’t make it to the library each week, we recommend listening to some of your favorite actors share wonderful stories on Storyline Online [http://www.storylineonline.net/].

Lastly, we want to see WHERE everyone is reading. Send us a picture (or bring with you on the first day of school) to be part of our school wide display, “Guess Where We are Reading!” Whether it’s at home, the beach, the mountains, or under your favorite tree, WE ARE READERS AND WE READ EVERYWHERE!

Be sure to email any questions and follow the Memorial School’s Facebook page [https://www.facebook.com/ehmemorialschool/] for updates and events.

Happy Summer Reading!

Mrs. Flannery- Library Media Specialist


Joey Bauer and Jessica Warner, Reading Specialists


 Memorial School Summer Read Aloud Poster Summer Read Aloud Series At the East Hampton Public Library  
June 25th, 1 pm-Mrs. Hennessey, 3rd Grade Teacher
June 26th, 1 pm- Mrs. Flannery, Library Media Specialist
3 pm- Miss Ryczek, Kindergarten Teacher
July 10th, 1 pm- Mrs. Ballek, 2nd Grade Teacher
3 pm- Mrs. Gadoury, Assistant Principal
July 12th, 10 am- Mrs. Labowski, Math Specialist
July 17th, 1 pm- Miss Ryczek, Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Gadoury, Assistant Principal
July 18th, 6:30 pm- Mr. Ian, Special Education Teacher
July 19th, 10 am- Mrs. Ballek, 2nd Grade Teacher
July 23rd, 10 am- Mr. Gonzalez, Principal
1 pm Mrs. Bauer, Reading Specialist
July 24th, 1 pm- Miss Ryczek, Kindergarten Teacher
3 pm- Mrs. Gadoury, Assistant Principal
July 26th, 10 am- Miss Scalise, 2nd Grade Teacher
August 1st, 6:30 pm- Mrs. Flannery, Library Media Specialist
Aug 20th, 10 am- Mr. Gonzalez, Principal
1 pm- Mrs. Gadoury, Assistant Principal

Memorial Summer Reading Packet 2018

Image: Libraries Rock

An Informational
Guide for Parents
Read 750 minutes this summer!
Each box represents 15 minutes. Every time you read 15 minutes, color in one box. When you fill all of the boxes, that means you have read 750 minutes!

5 by 10 chart

When all boxes are colored, return this chart to school in the fall and you will earn a surprise reward! Only those children who complete and return their forms will be rewarded.

Student Name:__________________________________
Teacher Name:_________________________________
(2018-19 School Year)
Total # of Books Read: ________________________
 Visit the public library.
 Start a book club with your friends.
 Visit the bookstore.
 Listen to books while riding in the car.
 Take turns reading.
 Find fun places to read.
 Swap books with a friend.
 Go book shopping at a thrift store.
 Read books, then watch the movie version and compare.

Dear Parents,

Your child has worked very hard this year! According to research,* students who do not read over the summer can lose as much as 22% of their reading level. That means that all of the hard work that your child has invested may be lost!

You can help prevent this summer reading loss by encouraging your child to read over the summer. Try to read something everyday, whether it’s a book, recipe, or a menu. Every word counts!

Here’s to making this a summer of reading!

Memorial Elementary School

Reading Department

* Research from Reading is Fundamental http://www.rif.org/us/literacy-resources/articles/...

Read a Book Online

Here are some great

websites for reading online

MyOn– 5,700 book digital library accessi-ble by logging in with your child’s school password.


Storyline Online—celebrities read aloud favorite children’s book


International Children’s Library—a large collection of stories from around the world.


Be sure to follow the East Hampton Public Library on Facebook to hear about exciting events all summer long or see events at http://www.easthamptonct.gov/pages/easthamptonct_l...

And be sure to stop by the East Hampton Public Library and say hi to your Memorial teachers as they read their favorite books aloud all summer long!

Schedule forthcoming, follow Memorial’s Facebook page for more information.


*Please note: Any reading that students complete and record for Memorial School’s summer reading may also be rec-orded in Wandoo as part of the East Hampton Public Library’s summer read-ing program.