Photo: Nurse Jillian Crouch


Welcome to the Health Office at East Hampton’s Middle School! 

Here is a brief review of some policy and procedure in our Health Office:

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call my office or email me. 
  • Updated physical and immunizations are required for entry into 7th grade. Please refer to the link to the left on this page for physical forms and immunization requirements.
  • A physical within the past 13 months is required for participation in sports. The 13 month period must last through the sport season.
  • Every medication that is brought into school requires a “Medication Authorization” form to be signed by the student’s doctor and parent/guardian.  At the middle school level, a student is allowed to self-carry their medications (as long as it is not a controlled substance).  There is a portion on the medication authorization form to authorize a student to self-carry.  Please feel free to call me if you have any questions regarding self-carry.
  • If you take your child to their physician due to illness or injury, please obtain a note from their doctor, including any restrictions. You can give the note to the Main Office staff.  Documentation is an important step in accommodating students in the classroom and tracking attendance.
  • In the spring, I will be doing postural screenings for 8th grade males.  You will be notified prior to screenings.  You may opt your child out of this screening with a written, signed and dated note from you.
  • I strongly encourage non-food items to share with classes when celebrating birthdays. If you choose to send in a food item, it must be store bought and the content label must be attached.  Many students are living with life threatening allergies (i.e. nut/tree nut/dairy/soy/fruit) and we do our utmost to limit their exposure to anything that may negatively impact their health.

Wishing our students a fun and healthy school year!