Welcome to East Hampton Middle School Athletics!

Image: Michael Mercaldi
Athletic Director
(860) 463-6837
email: mmercaldi@easthamptonct.org

As athletic director, I strongly believe that many of life’s most important lessons and habits can be learned through participation in extra-curricular activities. Attributes such as work ethic, dependability, self-motivation, and self-discipline can all be learned while playing sports. Sports are a great tool that can be used to teach life lessons. A successful athletic department should strive to educate the entire child. Sports can teach young adults things that cannot be learned in a classroom. Sports and extra-curricular activities are vital to a complete and well-rounded education.

Administrators and coaches need to have the best interest of student-athletes in mind at all times. Coaches need to work together to do what is best for athletes. Doing what is best for athletes should guide each decision that coaches and administrators make. All participants of the athletic department should live by one philosophy – Act like a champion. This means that participants must do their best in everything that they do. One must always,at all times represent themselves, their teammates, the school, and their family in a positive way. If players, coaches, and administrators act like champions in everything they do then they will be successful.

I believe that my first priority is to serve the student-athletes and coaches at the school. I want coaches to take initiative in their programs and I will be there to help guide them. My job is to ensure that student-athletes and coaches have everything they need to be part of a successful program. Successes will be measured by student-athletes acting like champions in everything they do. I will do anything I can to help the people in my organization. As the leader of the Athletic Department I must focus on building and working as a team.

I have played and coached sports for over 35 years. Athletics is what has made me successful in my life. Sports have held me accountable in school, taught me how to work hard for my goals, and how to be a part of something that is larger than myself. These are the attributes that I want to instill in the athletes that participate in our programs. Sports can teach young people things that they cannot learn anywhere else. In order to be successful everyone in the athletic team or department should be held to a high standard. I will ensure success in the Athletic department by hiring like-minded coaches who will always do what is best for students and uphold the tradition at East Hampton Middle School.  

The EHMS Panthers are part of the Mid-State Middle School's Athletic Conference.