Welcome to East Hampton High School!

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Principal’s Message section of the website. I am proud to be serving as East Hampton High School’s principal. As a staff, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive 21st century education for our students. East Hampton High School’s core values “compassion, innovation, perseverance, collaboration, and active learning” are vibrant and incorporated in all facets of the education being delivered to our students.

As part of the foundation to these core values, our staff has been exploring the importance of a growth mindset. This topic has been discussed in many classrooms with students, in our advisory program, and is a topic of discussion for faculty members. I look forward to the continuous infusion of this in our work as we educate and support students.

At East Hampton High School there are many things to be grateful for. This includes the beautifully renovated building which will be in its second year of operation, Chromebook devices for each of our students, and an 8-period schedule for students to maximize credit earning opportunities. We ask students to take advantage of all of these while respecting the new building’s look, the technology they are entrusted with, and by selecting courses that are of interest to them throughout their high school career.

We have many, many students who work hard in their courses and who also work hard outside of their classes—whether it be as a student-athlete, musician, artist, and/or actor. There are a variety of clubs to join and, through the work of many sports, clubs, and organizations, there are a variety of ways our students give back to the community. To develop a well-rounded education in and outside of the classroom, we strongly recommend that all students become involved in at least one of the extracurricular offerings.

I wish to express my gratitude to the many parents and members of the community I have met in my first few months in East Hampton. I value the partnership between school and home. To parents specifically, I encourage you to join and/or attend the newly redesigned PTO/PPAG (Principal’s Parent Advisory Group). This organization was redesigned last school year with the intention of providing a forum for parents to meet directly with me as the high school principal. This will allow us to have open conversation and I invite parents with their questions, concerns, and/or ideas to be active members. Our first meeting will be Wednesday, September 26th at 5:30 pm in the high school “T-BELL.” Please consider attending, I would love to see you there!

We look forward to a successful school year for both students and faculty. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you would like to discuss any topics—I can be reached at 860.365.4030.


Frank Rizzuto
East Hampton High School