Welcome to Center School!

Our beautiful building serves as home to children in grades four and five. The Center School community is committed to ensuring every child is continually engaged in innovative and rewarding learning experiences. While students are moving through a transitional time in their education, we create an environment where students are embraced and challenged to grow as learners.  It continues to be an honor and a joy to serve as the building principal in this community. I look forward to working with a talented group of professionals who aim to bring out the best in each and every student. 

I am excited to focus our work this year around the East Hampton Profile of a Graduate. Center School supports the district’s vision of education, driving our students toward a broader vision of success. The Center School Profile of a Graduate embodies the culture we aim to create. Our focus will be to instill empathy, creativity, adaptability, community, and curiosity in our learners each and every day. We are excited to continue to grow as a school community and provide an enriching educational environment where our students can thrive.

Social emotional learning is an integral part of supporting our students’ development. Center School students have an opportunity to showcase their “Lion Pride” on a daily basis. Our four core values, be respectful, be open hearted, be adventurous, and be responsible, are defined and on display throughout all areas of our building. Through implementation of the Second Step curriculum, targeted social-emotional learning equips students with strategies and skills to manage their emotions and build positive relationships.

The support of the PTO has been instrumental in providing quality experiences for our students. Please take some time to browse their informative website www.ehepto.com. I look forward to creating and continuing the partnership with each family member, and community member to provide the best possible education for the children of Center School. We appreciate and respect that our parents share what is most precious to them--their children. That partnership and trust is critical to the success of Center School!


Christopher M. Sullivan