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Welcome to the East Hampton Public Schools!

The East Hampton Public Schools is a very proud community of teachers, staff members, students, and families. Will Richardson says, “It’s an absolutely amazing time to be a learner.” That statement holds very true in the East Hampton Schools as this school community works to provide our students with a world class education. We expect success for our students while they are in our classrooms and then we cherish their successes after graduation. Every day we expect to ring the bell of success one child at a time. We are the Bell Ringers of East Hampton and we take very seriously our vision of “preparing students and inspiring students to be innovative, responsible, contributing members of an ever-changing global society.”

During the 2016-17 school year, we spent time reflecting on the district’s vision, East Hampton 2025, which was a joint effort of staff, students, and community members in the spring of 2016. During the 2017-18 school year, we have committed to promoting our vision of excellence by looking into the future of the East Hampton Public Schools and imagining and crafting a plan for an education 10 years into the future. We expect that East Hampton 2025 will serve as our blueprint to create an experience for students that is based on a foundation of student outcomes that are essential in college and careers including the likes of character, citizenship, collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking.

In addition, we will take our vision, East Hampton 2025 one step further and enhance it with a newly created Vision of the East Hampton Graduate. As East Hampton 2025 defines our core values and beliefs, we hope the new vision of the graduate will further identify the student outcomes to be measured PK-12 that are important in the future lives of our students. We hope these student outcomes will promote deeper learning opportunities in the classroom for every student and then ensure that we give our students the opportunity to master them in experiences throughout our four schools.

Diane Ravitch, a highly respected former Assistant Secretary of Education, and the author of The Death and Life of the Great American School System, says, “The prevailing paradigm for school improvement in Washington is not based on a solid foundation of research or hard evidence.” She currently advocates for local control and local decision-making via the “revival of strong neighborhood public schools.” There is no greater local control than developing a vision of our graduates and then committing to make sure that every one of our graduates have acquired this community’s expectations for success.

In our district we already see the leap forward as technology permeates our buildings, Capstone projects become a focus, inter-disciplinary assignments continue to expand, and “genius hour” takes hold in several of our classrooms.

As we promote a vision of excellence, we also have committed to a learning culture that purposefully promotes kindness and caring as well as a growth mindset in our schools – a mindset that applies to students, teachers, and the community-at-large. We hold the uncompromising notion that every child in East Hampton will be successful – and that we, with our community as a partner, will lead every child to that success.

It is certainly an exciting time to be part of our East Hampton Learning Community!

- Paul Smith, Superintendent of Schools

District Goals 2017-2018