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Thank you for visiting the East Hampton Public School District Budget Process Page.  In an effort to make the Education Budget as transparent as possible we have included links to presentations and documents that occurred during the budget planning phase on the left side of this page.

Please note that the proposed Board of Education Budget as presented by the Superintendent of Schools was dramatically impacted by the Governor’s Budget Proposal. Determining an appropriate increase without knowing the impact of the State Budget made the process challenging.

Thank you for supporting the budget and the children of East Hampton! We are excited to move ahead, providing strong educational programs throughout our four schools.

Here is a timeline of upcoming 2018/2019 Budget meetings.

Monday, July 23 – Board of Finance Meeting at the Town Hall, 7:00 PM

Update:  As you are likely aware, while the 2018-19 Education Budget was passed by the voters of East Hampton in the first referendum in May, the Town Operations Budget has been rejected twice by the voters. As the Town prepares for a 3rd referendum, there was a small crowd at the Board of Finance meeting on Monday, July 16, but there was preliminary discussion on a proposal that would restore three of the eight teaching positions that were eliminated as a result of cuts to the Education Budget.

The proposal requires that the Town pay for two of the approved 2018-19 Capital Projects out of this year’s General Fund balance as a result of a surplus in the 2017-18 Town Budget and an increase in the Education Cost Share grant from the state to the Town of East Hampton.

In order to restore the three positions, an appropriation would be made to the current Capital Reserve Fund from the General Fund to purchase the approved security locks for Memorial, Center, and the Middle School ($170,000) and the additional Chromebooks for the schools ($80,500). The money for those items, which is currently slated for the 2018-19 Capital Fund ($250,500), would be transferred to the Board of Education Operations budget – solely for the purpose of teacher salaries and benefits. As I have consistently mentioned, I would restore, with Board of Education approval, the following teaching positions: Grade 3 Teacher, Grade 5 Teacher, and a High School English Teacher.

This arrangement is contingent upon the budget being passed by the voters (whenever the 3rd referendum is held) and the further approval of the transfer, which would be a 2nd ballot question at the referendum. 

Even though the cuts as announced (and included below) will be in place for the start of the school year, we remain highly optimistic that we will be able to add teaching positions upon a successful referendum.


High School Math Teacher 5 less math sections/courses at EHHS Teacher has been non-renewed due to cut in positions
High School Science Teacher 5 less science sections/courses at EHHS Teacher retiring – no replacement
High School English Teacher 5 less English sections/courses at EHHS Teacher is being moved to Middle School to fill retirement
High School/Middle School* Health Teacher Loss of PE/health courses at EHHS Teacher is being moved to alternate assignment
Middle School Librarian Library covered by paraeducator for checkout only – no research or library class opportunities Teacher retiring – no replacement
Middle School World Language Teacher Spanish eliminated in Grade 6 – students will have alternate class as budget allows Teacher has been non-renewed due to cut in positions
Memorial School Grade 3 Instead of 7 sections for approximately 157 students, there will be 6 sections Teacher has been non-renewed due to cut in positions
Center School Grade 5 Instead of 7 sections for approximately 150 students, there will be 6 sections Teacher is being moved to Middle School to fill retirement
Middle School Special Education Cut as part of original budget package