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Thank you for visiting the East Hampton Public School District Budget Process Page.  In an effort to make the Education Budget as transparent as possible we have included links to presentations and documents that occurred during the budget planning phase on the left side of this page.

Please note that this year’s proposed Board of Education Budget as presented by the Superintendent of Schools was dramatically impacted by the Governor’s Budget Proposal. Determining an appropriate increase without knowing the impact of the State Budget (as of Aug 1, 2017 the State of CT is still without an operating budget) made the process challenging. The Board of Education Budget was forwarded to the town as required on March 1 for review by the East Hampton Board of Finance and the East Hampton Town Council. At the June 13th, 2017 Referendum the town's voters approved the Town and Education budget.  

 As a result of the Budget passing, the following updates can be confirmed:
1. There will be an additional section of Grade 5 this year for a total of 7 sections for 165 students, bringing it up to the level of sections 2 years ago. 
2. There will be 7 sections of Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2 and 6 sections of Grade 3, the same number of teachers as in 2016-17. 
3. There are no cuts to World Language in Middle School. Grades 6-8 will have the same number of World Language classes as in 2016-17
4. There will be no cuts to Math and Science in the High School. The High School is moving to an 8-period day allowing students the option to take more courses and additional electives. 
5. Junior Varsity offerings will be available in Volleyball and Cheer-leading at the High School. There is large participation in Cheer-leading and volleyball in the Middle School; however, when girls get to the High School if they do not make the single varsity team in each of the offerings, there is no additional opportunity to participate. Adding Junior Varsity programs allows more students to participate and by participating, gain skills to be on the Varsity team later in their high school career.
6.  Health courses remain intact at the Middle School and High School. 
7. There will be no reductions in Music or Family & Consumer Sciences (Culinary, Early Childhood Education, and Playcare School Program) at the High School. 

Thank you for supporting the budget and the children of East Hampton! We are excited to move ahead, providing strong educational programs throughout our four schools.